2023 Speakers

2023 Plenary Speakers

Prof. Jeffery Bode – ETH Zurich

Dr Pascal Miéville – Executive Director, Swiss CAT+ EPFL, Lausanne

2023 Confirmed Speakers

Stephane Jeanmart, Syngenta – Lab digitalisation

Kenneth Atz & David Nippa, Roche – Late stage functionalisation and HTE

Markus Furegati, Novartis – Flow chemistry

Holly Davis/Odile Decoret, Novartis – Microcycle

Peter Sagmeister, Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH – Integrating a data rich environment into continuous processing

Nessa Carson, Astrazeneca – Data science & lab digitalisation

Adam Clayton, University of Leeds – Bayesian self optimisation for telescoped flow reactions

Vera Jost & Georg Wuitschik, Roche – Fully automated HTE workflows

Stephen Hilton, University College London – Lab digitalisation

Marco Santagostino, Boehringer-Ingelheim


Please note these are provisional talk titles and are provided as a general guide to the talk subject

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