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ASF 2023 Poster competion

Submission for the 2023 poster competition, sponsored by Helvetica chimica acta, is now open.

Kindly sponsored by Helvetica chimica acta

1st prize – 200 CHF

2nd & 3rd prize – 50 CHF



Poster 1.  Christopher Bailey, University of Dundee

Purification and quantification of plate chemistry arrays for rapid generation of compounds for medicinal chemistry.


Poster 2.  Thomas Shaw, University of Leeds

An automated, self-optimising flow reactor platform to facilitate the efficient optimisation of process metrics such as reagent cost and productivity. 


Poster 3.  Megan Bradbury, University of Leeds

Development of continuous base-metal catalysed processes; towards a sustainable chemical industry.


Poster 4.  Nicola Bell, University of Glasgow

An automated Schlenk line for undertaking bench scale inert atmosphere manipulations.


Poster 5.  Christopher Swanson, University of Manchester

Towards Automated Design and Implementation of Biocatalytic Cascades for Iminosugar Synthesis.


Poster 6.  Christopher Horbaczewskyj, University of York

An automated, modular, chemistry robotics platform for rapid data generation and statistical model development.


Poster 7.  Oh-hyeon Choung, Synple Chem/ ETH Zurich

Rule-Based Retrosynthesis for Accessible Hits: An Open-Source Python Package


Poster 8.  Thomas Dixon, University of Leeds

A fully automated and novel methodology to optimising HPLC method conditions.


Poster 9.  Joseph Mason, Domainex

PROTAC Platform: enabling rapid design, characterisation and assessment.


Poster 10.  Wilfried Braje, AbbVie

Accelerated synthetic chemistry: catalyst capsules for faster and easier reaction set-up.


Poster 11.  Angelo Lanzilotto, Merck

Automated synthesis planning and execution with SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software and Synple Automated Synthesizer.


Poster 12.  Sarah Boyall, University of Leeds

Automated optimisation of a multi-stage, multi-phase continuous flow process for pharmaceutical synthesis.


Poster 13.  Gergely Takács, Kft.

DIY In-house chemical libraries – novel starting points for drug discovery.


Poster 14.  Matteo Pennestri, Bruker

PIPAc project: Intelligent Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.


Poster 15.  Blake Baker, Astex Pharmaceuticals

Democratising automation to enable synthesis in Fragment-Based Drug Discovery (FBDD).


Poster 16.  Benjamin Deadman, Open Reaction Database.

Workflow for submitting large datasets to the open reaction database.


Poster 17.  Robert van Putten, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

RIPPLY: Real-tIme Parallel Progress anaLYsis of organic reactions using near-infrared spectroscopy.


Poster 18.  Alexander Dömling, Palacky University Olomouc

Automation + Miniaturization = Acceleration


Poster 19.  Julian Götz, ETH Zürich

Miniaturized, predictable, on-demand synthesis of vast libraries of drug-like molecules.

Poster 20.  Juliette Tinchant, Novartis

HTE Benchmarking Buchwald Olympics.


Poster 21.  Eduardo Rial-Rodríguez, RCPE

In-line electrochemical analysis and flow electrochemistry at the microliter scale: the ideal opportunity for automated experimentation.


Poster 22.  Connor J. Taylor, University of Nottingham

Automated chemical reaction optimisation using multi-task learning.


Poster 23.  Fortia Louise Adeliene Alfeche MSU-IIT

An economically and environmentally sustainable and safer approach to designing rigid polyurethane foams (RPUFs).


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Our hosts: Novartis Basel

Chemical analysis being undertaken in a lab

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